Sunflower theme


The sunflower package consists out of:

  1. 2D shapes + heading A4
  2. 2D shapes A3
  3. 3D objects + heading A4
  4. Colours + heading
  5. Days of the week + heading
  6. Months of the year + heading
  7. Numbers 0-20
  8. A3 door poster editabe
  9. 4x Name cards editable
  10. Birthday posters + heading + editable name cards
  11. A3 weather chart
  12. A4 table mat
  13. Positions in space + heading
  14. Front pages editable
  15. 4x seasons posters
  16. Alphabet posters A4

Please install the fonts before editing the editable products. Please save the word document to PDF format before printing.

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