Grade 3 Life skills posters – TERM 4


This package consist out of:
Disasters – A4 (9 posters)
Sugar – A4 (1 poster)
Sugar cane – A4 (1 poster)
Sheep shearing – A3 (1 poster)
Where does milk come from – A3 (1 poster)
Animals that work for us – A4 (5 posters)
Animals that give us food or clothes – A4 (8 posters)
The earth: What it gives us – A4 (3 posters)
Where does milk come from – A3 (1 poster)
Bees – A4 (7 posters)

The clipart used in this product is protected by copyright law and is provided by:
Rossys-Jungle – (Disasters)
Dancing Crayon Designs – (Milk process)
VinitaArt – (Sheep shearing)
BonaRicci – (Sugar cane)

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