Consonant Digraph posters and flash cards


This product includes posters and flash cards of the following consonant digraphs: ie, oe, ue, oa, ea, oi, ou,  oy, ow, ai, ay, aw, au, oo, ee, ey and ei. There are also a heading for each digraph.

Each poster as corresponding flash cards for wach consonant digraph. The flash cards are as follow:

  • ai: rain, train, sail, hail, tail, mail, snail, paint and nail.
  • au: autumn, launch, sauce, pauce, caution, astronaut, applause, author and laundry.
  • aw: straw, draw, crawl, paw, raw, hawk, saw and prawn.
  • ea: ear, peach, tea, eat, head, leaf, read, sea and bear.
  • ee: teeth, tree, sheep, see, seed, feet, sleep, bee and green.
  • oe: doe, foe and toe.
  • oa: boat, goat, float, coat, road, soak, toad, soap and loaf.
  • oi: oil, boil, foil, point, voice, oink, soil, coin and hoist.
  • oo: book, moon, hook, cook, foot, wood, wool, roof and pool.
  • oy: toy, boy, joy, oyster, cowboy and royal.
  • ou: couch, house, mouse, round, count and sound.
  • ow: crown, bow, cow, down, slow, blow, town, row and crow.
  • ie: flies, tie, pie, lie, field, fried, shield, cried and tied.
  • ue: glue, clue, blue, fuel, statue, tissue, true and argue.
  • ei: sleigh, eight, weight, ceiling, beige, reign, neigh and vein.
  • ey: key, money, monkey, honey, donkey, trolley, turkey, chimney and jersey.
  • ay: pay, day, hay, clay, play and say.

The pictures used in the product is protected by copyright law and has been provided by:

  • Educlips

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